Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vasari Love

I love Project Vasari. I love that it's free (for now). I love all what it stands for. I love what it means for designers who love technology. I am excited for the future (scripting anyone?) and the power that comes with it. My hope is that tools like Vasari become so ingrained in our design process, that we cannot image life before it.

Also, I love Monkey Island
I was toying around with Google Earth the other day and remembered something useful. You can actually download all of those wonderful models directly into Sketchup for your very own use; for free, no less! You can head right over to Google's 3D Warehouse from within Sketchup and choose your building(s) to download. Armed now with some simplistic model, the sky is the limit in terms of what I can do next.

Pro Tip: If you want faces analyzed, they have to be native Vasari; the other buildings are imports only

For starters, all of that great context our high performing buildings so desperately need are right there, perfectly scaled and located, ready for anything. The perfect integration of Vasari's Location and Google Maps & Earth make for some fantastic sun / shadow studies. Wind analysis through the spaces are also useful for figuring out where not to put the picnic tables.

Or, to analyze one's capabilities to make a Kessel Run (Thanks, David)

Ultimately, this post is just to bring to your attention some really cool, yet simple things to do with Vasari. Enjoy and remain motivated.

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